DVS Centaurus Card

  • I've got a DVS Centaurus Card. It is currently installed on a Redhat system. When I say installed, it is physically located there but I have no way to address it. It is a leftover from an OEM system that was installed on this hardware (Autodesk Flame). Would this program let me get a handle on importing SDI? My hope is to use the card as an mpeg steamer connected to our router.

  • Well I've installed openSUSE and followed the hours of directions just to get to the point of installing the sdk. The one I have is the sdk4.1.0.4. Couldn't get the earlier one. when I do ./mkdev I get
    Trying to create DVS driver device nodes:
    - Unable to find the driver.
       Please make sure that the .ko file was created and the driver loaded

    And driver_create

    There is no kernel source installed for the running kernel

    Any idea what's going on? Hate to abandon after all these hours of work!!!

  • John Fletcher
    John Fletcher

    See page 14 of the installation guide.  Did you do the "make oldconfig" stuff?

  • thanks John, yes I did. When I looked at the txt file it said

    This SDK has been tested and released for the following firmware revisions:
      Atomix + BoB         
      Atomix HDMI          
      Atomix HDMI + BoB    
      Atomix LT            
      Atomix LT 4 BNC      
      Centaurus II         
      Centaurus II LT      

    wonder if they left out Centaurus (Not II) and if maybe this sdk4.1.0.4 doesn't work for it. Though I would think I could still build the driver, no?

  • John Fletcher
    John Fletcher

    OK, check in Yast that you have kernel source installed and that it is same version as your kernel.
    If you update it, do the "make oldconfig" and "make scripts/mod/" again.

    The driver should build regardless of what card(s) are installed.