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Replacing Berkeley Db with Sqlite

I have replaced Berkeley Db with Sqlite.
Reasons are twofold:
(a) There is very little documentation on
Berkeley Db and hence the code is very
prone to error.
(b) Berkeley requires 2.5 Mb for 50,000
records on two fields; Sqlite requires only
1.4 Mb for 50,000 records on three fields

At the moment there are no releases yet,
but if you would like the source code, let
me know.

Posted by Dennis Lee 2003-11-17

Progressing slowly

I am making progress, albeit slowly, as I have spent
the last 2 days to start writing code for the Berkeley Db
( I had minor success in writing
and reading from the Db using put and get functions

Although it may appear easy, however the Dbt struct
is new to me and I may have to find out more about
how the Dbt struct works.

Posted by Dennis Lee 2003-11-16