ANNOUNCE - IndiMail 1.8 released


DATE: Tue Apr 5 00:02:50 IST 2011

This is Release 1.8 of IndiMail. The release has both source.tar.gz and RPMs.

o New authmodule authgeneric
o major upgrade of clamav, fetchmail & courier-imap to the latest versions
o Source compilation tested on Ubuntu. The INSTALL file reflects few extra steps for Ubuntu
o Fixed minor bugs in qmail-dkim.c, qmail-remote.c, svctool.
o upgraded Erwin Hoffman's recipients extension to version 0.7.1
o Fixes to quota mechanism to display quota > 2Gb
o qmail Abuse Report Format Generator
o New logalert utility to create alerts based on patterns in logs
o ability to auto provision users in proxyimap, proxypop3
o Minor changes for ubuntu
o RPM for RHEL 6, openSUSE 11.4, openSUSE Tumbleweed

This releases fixes few bugs listed in ChangeLog

This release includes the following files

README-1.8 (Introduction to IndiMail)
INSTALL-1.8 (Source Installation Instructions)
INSTALL-RPM-1.8 (Install Instructions using RPM)
INSTALL-MYSQL-1.8 (MySQL specific Installation Instructions)
README-CLUSTER (Steps on configuring a clustered setup)
Quick-INSTALL-1.8 (A minimal documentation on Installation/Configuration)
RELEASE-Notes-1.8 (This file)
indimail-1.8.tar.gz (IndiMail source)

IndiMail has two RPM / yum repositories for most of the Linux Distros at

Stable Releases

Bleeding Edge Releases
IndiMail has RPM / yum repositories for the latest features being added. You will find the bleeding edge RPMs at

You will find the RPMs for both 32bit and 64bit OS on the above two repositories

Currently, the list of supported distributions for IndiMail is (for both 32 and 64 bit) are

o openSUSE 11.4
o openSUSE 11.3
o openSUSE 11.2
o openSUSE Tumbleweed
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
o openSUSE Factory

* Red Hat
o Fedora 14
o Fedora 13
o Fedora 12
o Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
o Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
o CentOS 5

* Mandriva Linux
o Mandriva 2010
o Mandriva 2009.1


* Tue Apr 05 2011
Release 1.8 Start 05/11/2010
1. New authmodule authgeneric
2. Return error code 17 in vadduser (EEXISTS) when user exists
3. clamav upgraded to clamav-0.96.5
4. fetchmail upgraded to fetchmail-6.3.19
5. qmail-remote.c,qmail-qmqpc.c - OUTGOINGIP to set outgoing IP address without using control files
6. qmail-remote.c - Fix SIGSEGV by checking number of arguments
7. courier-imap upgraded to 4.8.1
8. upgraded Erwin Hoffman's recipients extension to version 0.7.1
9. BUG - Fixed svctool for ubuntu (database creation, sendmail linking)
10. BUG - Fixed compilation of ldap-checkpwd.c on systems without ldap-devel package
11. fixed for cmake based mysql directories
12. svctool - changed TLS_PROTOCOL to SSL23
13. hier.c - updated for courier-imap-4.8.x
14. svctool - added START_PLUGIN for qmail-send
15. BUG- qmail-dkim.c: fixed SIGSEGV occuring for messages without body
16. BUG - fixed return value of dk-filter
17. Added env variable DKIMKEY to select dkim key when using RELACLIENT to determine signing or verification
18. upgraded to clamav-0.97
19. vmoduser.c - Allow 'k', 'K', 'm', 'M' modifier in quota argument
20. fix for setting/display of > 2Gb values in quota, message counts
alter table vlimits modify diskquota bigint unsigned not null;
alter table vlimits modify maxmsgcount bigint unsigned not null;
alter table vlimits modify defaultquota bigint unsigned not null;
alter table vlimits modify defaultmaxmsgcount bigint unsigned not null;
alter table userquota modify quota bigint unsigned not null;
21. qmail Abuse Report Format generator - qarf
22. Added display of week days in date822fmt.c
23. lseek envelope fd to beginning to prevent errors in filter programs reading envelope
24. fixed svctool --config=mysql option for new releases of MySQL (creation of indimail.cnf file
25. added logalert program
26. svctool - use update-rc.d for ubuntu to create indimail startup
27. added unicode related changes to courier-imap
28. added auto provisioning of users for vxxxxone
29. inquerytest.c - fixed printf data type qualifier for 64 bit data type
30. fix for ipv6 in tcpopen.c, udpopen.c
31. Added support plugin feature for enterprise messaging support

Posted by Manvendra Bhangui 2011-04-04