ANNOUNCE - IndiMail 1.7.8 released


DATE: Wed Jul 14 16:25:15 IST 2010

This is Release 1.7.8 of IndiMail. The release has both source.tar.gz and RPMs.
This release addresses issues affecting portability. IndiMail can now be started on Linux and Mac by using 'service indimail start/restart/stop' commands. Sender based envrules has been added for local and remote delivery. A feature has been added to qmail-smtpd to notify recipients when they receive mails which exceed quota and get

This release includes the following files

README (Introduction to IndiMail)
INSTALL-1.7.8 (Source Installation Instructions)
INSTALL-RPM-1.7.8 (Install Instructions using RPM)
INSTALL-MYSQL-1.7.8 (MySQL specific Installation Instructions)
README-CLUSTER (Steps on configuring a clustered setup)
Quick-INSTALL-1.7.8 (A minimal documentation on Installation/Configuration)
RELEASE-Notes-1.7.8 (This file)
indimail-1.7.8.tar.gz (IndiMail source)

IndiMail has two RPM / yum repositories for most of the Linux Distros at

Stable Releases

Bleeding Edge Releases
IndiMail has RPM / yum repositories for the latest features being added. You will find the bleeding edge RPMs at

You will find the RPMs for both 32bit and 64bit OS on the above
two repositories

Currently, the list of supported distributions for IndiMail is (for
both 32 and 64 bit) are

o openSUSE 11.3
o openSUSE 11.2
o openSUSE 11.1
o openSUSE 11.0
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
o openSUSE Factory

* Red Hat
o Fedora 13
o Fedora 12
o Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
o CentOS 5

* Mandriva Linux
o Mandriva 2010
o Mandriva 2009.1


* Wed Jul 14 2010
Release 1.7.8 Start 25/06/2010
1. - use native commands (instead of svctool) to remove boot entries in rpm %postun.
2. qmail-remote.c - display bind ip (outgoing ip) in error messages for failed connections
3. qmail-queue.c - fixed mailarchival for rules on recipient addresses
4. qsutil.c - added log7() function
5 [qmail-send|qmail-todo].c report all recipients in log_stat() for single transaction multiple recipient emails
6. - fixed rpmlint errors
7. - moved removal of boot entries to %preun
8. create_services - added indimail startup
9. create_services - added creation of defaultqueue for qmail-queue clients (queueParam)
10. create_services - use --fdpass option in clamdscan
11. qmail-queue.c - eliminate duplicates when mailarch rule is applied to an email with multiple recipients.[3022736]
12. smtpd.c - do datasize check strictly in smtp_data() function even for emails where SIZE=size is specified in MAIL FROM:. This will allow notification to be sent to recipients for oversize mails.
13. smtpd.c size notification message to recipient, when message is rejected due to exceeding data size limit. [3024201]
14. - shutdown indimail earlier during shutdown/reboot
15. Login_Tasks.c - replaced open_smtp_relay() with vopen_smtp_relay()
16. open_smtp_relay.c - removed this file
17. - stop svscan on stop command
18. - stop/start all services in /services on stop and start
19. qmail-remote.c - domainbinding on sender address [3026925]
20. instcheck.c, hier.c - fix permissions for all indimail files.
21. spawn-filter.c - implement sender based envrules [3027173]
22. echo.c - Added portable echo command. to be used in qmailctl
23. spawn-filter.c - standardized environment variables set for filters
24. spawn-fitler.c - fixed matching of local/remote directives in filterargs control file [30277
25. smtpd.c - fixed accesslist match bug for multiple recipients [3028905]
26. upgraded bogofilter to 1.2.2

Posted by Manvendra Bhangui 2010-07-14