ANNOUNCE - IndiMail 1.6.6 Released

This is to announce Release 1.6.6 of IndiMail. The release has both
source.tar.gz and RPMs

This release is mostly a bug-fix release

Following bugs at the tracker have been fixed


This release includes the following files

INSTALL-1.6.6 (Installation Instructions)
INSTALL-RPM-1.6.6 (Install Instructions for RPM)
INSTALL-1.6.6.mysql (MySQL specific Installation Instructions)

IndiMail has two yum repositories for most of the Linux Distros at

Stable Releases

Bleeding Edge Releases
IndiMail has yum repositories for the latest features being added. You
will find
the bleeding edge rpms at

You will also find the RPMs for both 32bit and 64bit OS on the above

Currently, the list of supported distributions for IndiMail is (for
both 32 and 64 bit) are

o openSUSE 11.2
o openSUSE 11.1
o openSUSE 11.0
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
o SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
o openSUSE Factory

* Red Hat
o Fedora 12
o Fedora 11
o Fedora 10
o Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
o CentOS 5

* Mandriva Linux
o Mandriva 2009.1
o Mandriva 2009


* Fri Dec 11 2009
Release 1.6.6 Start 25/11/2009
1. Added repo for openSUSE 11.2, Fedora 12
2. Prevent empty alias_line, email addresses getting added in valias
3. Removed left over system command from qmailmrtg7
4. Fixed config in qmail. renamed config shell script to qmailconfig
5. Added reports for smtp port 587 in svctool --reports
6. Modification to rpm spec file - moved verification to %%post,
added %%verifyscript, added qmailconfig, hostname
7. Changed path to /var/indimail/modules
8. Fixed error in vset_limit() - limits.c
9. Enforce domain limits user quota in vadduser, vmoduser,
10. Added -l option to vmodddomain to turn on or off domain limits
11. use .domain_limits in domain directory to turn on domain limits in
vadduser, vmoduser, vsetuserquota
12. Use AUTHMODULES environment variable for defining smtp auth
13. Added badhost functionality in qmail-smtpd
14. Added X-Originating-IP header in qmail-queue
15. Fixed typo in tcpserver '-a' option change to '-c'
16. reconnect to MySQL (findhost.c) if server gone away
17. Handle MySQL error gracefully in qmail-rspawn
18. Close passwd, group database in uidinit()
19. Modified spawn.c to display MySQL error in qmail-rspawn
20. Use hostip also to figure out local interfaces
21. Fix for DK_SYNTAX_ERR in dkfilter-sh. Also dktest now exits with
the DK status instead of 1
22. create environment variable MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT for indiserver,
qmail-send, inlookup service (svctool)

Posted by Manvendra Bhangui 2009-12-11