Cheat Engine now in Open Source!

I've been working on a project over the past few weeks that would re-enable the use of Cheat Engine in the open source IncrediBots. That day has finally come, and you can see it in its full glory here:

"CE" stands for "Cheat Engine". I documented every single line of code I modified, commenting out the old and pointing out the new, so if anyone wants to add Cheat Engine support in one of their mods, all you have to do is look at the "Source Code Changes.txt" file in the "src" directory for a list of lines I changed.

I have also uploaded a tutorial on how to use Cheat Engine with the new version here:
Which is referenced in the README.txt file in the new ZIP (I named the old one "README_VERBOSE.txt") and includes pictures and links to walk you through the process.

Happy Botting!

Posted by  EMDF 2011-01-25