Relative to the request of Jan for software programs supporting conversion of InChI to chemical structures


Please note that since the release of version 9 of ACD/ChemSketch the conversion of InChI to structure has been supported


Visit  for details.


PS. Please note that I am a member of ACD/Labs. This message is not meant to be an advertisement on our behalf but for informational purposes only since it appears that people are not aware that an InChI to chemical structure conversion has been available in a commercial structure drawing package.



Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 15:26:41 +0200

From: "Jan Hummel" <>

To: <>

Subject: [InChI-discuss] Drawing structure by using InChI code



Hello everybody!

I'm new to InChi and to chemical compounds at all and have some =



Is it possible to draw the structure of a compound only by having the = InChI string?


And if so, are there any tools (.Net or ActiveX controls preferred) = around able to do this?=20


Last but not least, may somebody be so kind and provide me the sources = of the winchi-1.exe program, a can't find them within



with kind regards





Antony J. Williams, Ph.D.

Vice President and Chief Science Officer