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ImpressCMS 1.3.3 RC - Download and Test Now!

Moving forward with improvements in the 1.3 version of ImpressCMS, 1.3.3 RC has been released by the developers for broader testing in the community. There has been some of the most active and rigorous testing on this release, as it is moving closer to bridging the gap to ImpressCMS 2.0. This is still classified as a release candidate and you are cautioned to exercise due diligence and test offline on a copy of your website.

Summary of Changes

* Change in encryption methods - upgrading will expire all passwords and users will have to update them on next login
* Max size for signatures removed
* Initial changes for PHP 5.4 compliance

* Pages with redirects were slow to load when gzip was enabled
* OpenID works on systems where /dev/urandom is not accessible
* LDAP authentication now works after fixing typos
* Filtering input v. output with HTMLPurifier
* Smarty Resizer security enhancement
* Signature continues to expand when full URI is added

* Improvements in the rendering of scripts, css and meta links and tags
* Updates to some external libraries
* Dynamic extension of pagination styles

A more complete list of fixes, features and improvements is found in our change log. https://impresscmsdev.assembla.com/spaces/impresscms/tickets?tickets_report_id=u396973

Downloading this release

You can find the packages for this release on our Development Packages product page. http://www.impresscms.org/modules/content/content.php?page=ImpressCMS-development-packages

Posted by Steve Kenow 2012-09-12