PHP5.3 Compatible: ImpressCMS 1.2.3 Beta

The ImpressCMS Project ( has just released ImpressCMS 1.2.3 beta. Since the initial release of ImpressCMS 1.2, PHP 5.3 support has steadily gained ground in hosting solutions. Based upon user feedback, the ImpressCMS team decided not to wait for ImpressCMS 1.3 in order to support PHP 5.3 officially.

This release is a Beta release, meaning it is meant for testing purposes. It is not for use on a live site!

What's New in ImpressCMS 1.2.3 ?

The most important change is official PHP5.3 compliance for the core modules and libraries. Note that modules might need adaptations to work in PHP 5.3. That is beyond the control of the core team.

* search pagination and page title
* search functionality issues

* session security for the installation process
* migration of images in the imagemanager during an upgrade from ImpressCMS 1.1
* use of smarty variables

Security update: possible SQL injection vulnerability

Download this beta release from our repository at SourceForge (

Posted by Steve Kenow 2010-09-18