Impossible to use Impact

  • Hi, everybody

    Sorry because is possible than I am only have problem with Impact. But don't get to do nothing well. I have repeated the same practice (, and never finish the solver.
    Also, I have done a new practice, importing a mesh file from GMSH, and can not see nothing in the post-process.
    Somebody can tell me about the known Issues with Impact in Ubuntu 12.04
    Thank you

  • Hi Waluyo,

    Thank you for your help.
    I starting to use Impact. I think it's a great software. My main goal is to make calculations for glass. I am doing compared to other software examples ( In this moment the tests are not good, because I've many question.
    I will like to know if is possible your help (and Yuriy) to get my purpose. We are little engineering from Spain ( working only with free software. Of course we consider donate to the project, and also want to ask you, if you might give us an offer to extend the possibilities of calculation (for the glass)
    I would like to collaborate if you are interested.
    Until then, I have some question:

    • Can I add constraints to side (no at node). For example, I want to simulate one plate of glass supported all four side (I have saw the sample for plate) How it work the constraints to node?

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  • Hi again,

    I want to share information about the first training to compare between Impact and Mepla (specific software for glass). There is two videos and PDF document with conclusion.
    I hope that you want give me your opinion
    Thank you

  • An interesting benchmarking.
    I have not tried yet to reproduce your model. I have forwarded this to Yuriy.

  • I have posted in a new topic from General Discussion

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