Problems with Impact about Ubuntu 12.04.2

  • I have a problem with Impact.
    First, many times the solver don't finish, showing me the below error:
    Solver Error

    and when the processor just finish, can not get the view at the post-processor

    I need help

  • Possibly, problem with the model or boundary conditions.
    If you try to change the value after the command
    print every .... (make it small)
    and run

    You will see the problem of your model in your post-processor before the solver crashes.

    • Dear friend,

      I need help to use Impact. I want to use the program to calculate architectural glass, and I have many question how to get started.
      Can you help to get my goal.
      I need to created the material, but I have some question with the properties of the glass. Need the yield stress? The glass is a elastic material, but is very interesting to do calculation with "no linear" process.....
      How I can proceed?..

      I hope any ideas to guide me

      I will like to get your help, because I think that is very positive to do

      Thank you

  • For materials, plase refer

    Linear materials, use elastic
    Non-linear materials, use elastoplastic or thermoelasticplastic

    for glass (non-linear), you can try:

    E = 65 NU = 0.230000 RHO = 0.0000026 FAILURE_STRESS = 0.001 YIELD_STRESS = 0.07 EP = 0.01

    If you use different properties, you can share in in forum.


  • Thank you for your fast response.
    The architectural glass (the glass) is a material that works like membrane. Normally when the glass deforms the resistance grows. I need to do something plus configuration to consider this property?
    Do you thing about the possibility to calculate laminar glass (two glasses stuck with a plastic sheet)?
    For the loads, normally I use always pressure and/or point load. Can I configure a load only with one parameter, without gravity.?


  • You can use several layers, every layer can be set different material.
    Gravity is acceleration, if you do not define the accelerations then no accelerations will be included. You can use only surface pressure. See the input format: