• Bruno Zilli
    Bruno Zilli

    Dear Dr. Yuriy Mikhaylovsky

    I would ask You very kindly about the F factor.

    How to set the factor coefficient F=Factor in the contact triangle card? How I do decide the magnitude of this factor?

    ELEMENTS OF TYPE Contact_Triangle
    3105 nodes = [2807,2811,2307] T = 2.0 Factor = 2000000 Friction = 0.25

    Is this the static force for the deformation as T= 2 mm? Or is this the force for T/2 static deformation?

    Please, is this correct? There are other better ways to set it?

    Thank You

    Bruno Zilli

  • According to the Fembic input data format

    The repelling force to be used when a node penetrates. The force will increase linearly as the node intrudes further.