#61 certain jpg always crashes [add folder]

matt wilkie

Any time I try and [add] a certain folder imgseek
always crashes. After some time I was able to narrow it
down to a single particular image. If I move that image
somewhere else, I can add the folder no problem.
There's nothing particularily strange about the image,
a 4mb jpg, 3600x3600 pixels. There are other images
twice as large, both in filesize and pixel count. I can
view the image in Xnview and Windows Paint no problem.

the problem pic can be downloaded from:
ftp://ftp.geomaticsyukon.ca/Users/matt/ imgseek_crash/

I'm on windows xp.


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    I actually came looking here for the exact same problem. I'm
    using the 0.8.5 Windows version. The program goes belly up
    when it tries to add a corrupt or incomplete image to it's
    database. Like on that didn't download properly, even if you
    can see it fine in any other image viewer.

    Below is what DrWatson logged, if it's any help.

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    Seems that I got the same issue.

    The program always crashes at a certain point at the progress bar when I add some folders, but I haven't tried to pinpoint down exactly what files that results in a crash.

    I run 0.8.5 on Windows 2003 SE.

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    I am also getting the same problem.

    The program crashes while adding certain folders, maybe some image crashes it.

  • Ruben

    Same problem here.

    In my case the libjpeg dumps 'Unsupported marker type 0xf0' and imgSeek segfaults

    for such images libjpeg does:
    ERREXIT1(cinfo, JERR_UNKNOWN_MARKER, cinfo->unread_marker);

    #define ERREXIT1(cinfo,code,p1) \ ((cinfo)->err->msg_code = (code), \ (cinfo)->err->msg_parm.i[0] = (p1), \ (*(cinfo)->err->error_exit) ((j_common_ptr) (cinfo)))

    ...so i guess someone should handle these errors somewhere