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Cannot get it to work

Ivo Roper
  • Ivo Roper
    Ivo Roper

    I'm using Windows XP on my laptop, and tried resizing several images to 50%, and ImgBConv just created zero length files. Doing one image at a time worked, but that's not what I needed. Contact me if you want more configuration info. Cheers, ~Ivo

    • Chris Bartow
      Chris Bartow

      I am seeing the same issue.

      It appears that the software only allows you to resize multiple images when the are the EXACT SAME PIXEL DIMENSIONS (L x W)... and even that takes some finagling...

      If the original files vary in dimension size, the program cannot handle resizing variable sizes to one set width...

      Obviously, that limits the value of the program, unfortunately...

      It is also buggy...

      When you do select multiple source images that are all the same dimensions... The program does not recognize that dimension... You can get around that by selecting just one image source file first, then selecting the others of the same size.

      When you select the files, view details in the selection screen and sort the files by 'dimension' to group like size files to make batching easier...

      That's how I've been able to use it...