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Administrator relief on the way

Anouncement: Two new tools for IMAP-Agent are now in development. Both of these tools are expected to be released in June.

IMAP-Agent Remote Admin:

Allows site administrators to remotely edit any of the IMAP-Agent XML configuration files.

IMAP-Agent Folder Management:

An ASP.NET web based application for end users to manage their own mail filter rules.

Posted by Dave 2004-05-10

Mercury remote plugin

I'm happy to announce the Mercury32 Mailserver remote password lookup plugin for IMAP-Agent.

This plugin has two separate parts. One is a windows services that should be installed on the machine where Mercury is installed, or at least should have folder access on that machine.

The second is a client that plugs in to IMAP-Agent so it should be installed on the machine where IMAP-Agent is installed.... read more

Posted by Dave 2004-04-13

IMAP-Agent 0.8 release.

This release contains all the project source plus the compiled executable located in the release folder.

Mail Servers tested on so far:

'Mercury - Mercury (Win32 version): 4.01a

'Cyrus IMAP Server

All planned functionality for IMAP-Agent is now completed and tested.
In addition, a password lookup plugin has been written for the Mercury mailserver and a custom rule plugin template has been written and published.... read more

Posted by Dave 2004-04-06

IMAP-Agent 0.7 release.

This release contains all the project source plus the compiled executable located in the debug folder.

I have been testing this release on two production IMAP servers for about a week. I'm still using test mailboxes but the release is testing very stable so far and I will be running against production mailboxes in the next week or so.

Mail Servers tested on so far:

'Mercury - Mercury (Win32 version): 4.01a read more

Posted by Dave 2004-04-02

IMAP-Agent 0.5 release.

IMAP-Agent 0.5 release.


This release contains only some parts of the project.
1. The c# project files.
2. Mock ups of the XML configuration files. I took the two I'm using for my testing and changed any personal user information to be generic. I will be releasing a data dictionary for the XML data in the near future. I haven't formalized any documentation but will be posting some in the near future.... read more

Posted by Dave 2004-03-07

IMAP-Agent is progressing

Well, I didn't manage to get files released in February for this project. Part of my progress for IMAP-Agent was to code a logging module. I decided that module was decent enough to create a project just for it and did get that class released.

So part of IMAP-Agent is already released in a manner of speaking. It took me some number of days to figure out how to do cvs imports and how to release files. Hopefully I can get back to coding this application now.... read more

Posted by Dave 2004-03-03

Project IMAP-Agent is started.

IMAP-Agent is now launched. I'm pleased to announce that design and code development are already well under way. I'm expecting to post Alpha/Beta grade files in the month of February.

I am using the free Mercury mail server so my testing will be conducted against its IMAP server.

The main purpose of this project is to provide a means to move mail between folders based on search (regex) criteria on the subject line, mail headers or body of the message.
The need for this IMAP-Agent originates from mail servers that don't provide delivery filter functionality. In those cases the needed functionality is thrust on the IMAP client software.
This tends to limit the choices for users when selecting an email client and complicates life for administrative server personnel regarding client configuration support and generally reduces the positive experience that should be associated with the email experience.... read more

Posted by Dave 2004-02-02