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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r88] by sinjax

weightings model fix

2012-12-20 08:17:43 Tree
[r87] by jonhare

added getter for quant

2012-12-19 16:41:54 Tree
[r86] by sinjax

cloned query in multiindexsearch

2012-12-19 14:10:18 Tree
[r85] by sinjax


2012-12-19 14:04:16 Tree
[r84] by sinjax

work on the multi-index stuff for the bbc

2012-12-12 18:58:20 Tree
[r83] by jonhare

missing files

2012-12-04 17:40:33 Tree
[r82] by jonhare

tweeks to the hadoop indexer

2012-11-20 11:47:43 Tree
[r81] by jonhare

Update to work with latest OpenIMAJ snapshots

2012-11-09 11:37:20 Tree
[r80] by jonhare

update to work with new clustering api

2012-09-03 10:11:55 Tree
[r79] by jonhare

update poms to reflect new maven repos

2012-08-07 12:59:53 Tree
[r78] by jonhare

added document with some usage examples

2012-07-20 09:24:00 Tree
[r77] by jonhare

fixed bug that resulted in FUNDAMENTAL mode being selected when AFFINE was given on the commandline

2012-07-20 09:23:27 Tree
[r76] by jonhare

updates wrt openimaj

2012-07-10 18:54:35 Tree
[r75] by jonhare

fixing tests

2012-04-13 17:58:44 Tree
[r74] by jonhare

fixing poms

2012-04-13 14:06:56 Tree
[r73] by jonhare

work-around compiler bug

2012-04-12 20:42:33 Tree
[r72] by jonhare

work-around compiler bug

2012-04-12 20:05:07 Tree
[r71] by jonhare

work-around compiler bug

2012-04-12 20:02:59 Tree
[r70] by jonhare

working on integrating better argument handling

2012-04-12 19:16:40 Tree
[r69] by jonhare

started to fix some of the bugs with commandline handling

2012-04-11 18:47:13 Tree
[r68] by jonhare

Update types

2012-03-13 19:01:03 Tree
[r67] by jonhare

Update types

2012-03-13 16:50:20 Tree
[r66] by jonhare

Fixing up Javadoc

2012-02-12 11:01:44 Tree
[r65] by jonhare

Added different scoring schemes

2012-01-19 11:35:29 Tree
[r64] by jonhare

Fixed precision issue

2012-01-18 19:24:45 Tree
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