Testers needed

  • I'm starting the ICQ/AIM work. I need a few volunteers to test the early changes - not the new ICQ/AIM sniffing part but the current MSN stuff (to make sure I don't break anything).
    If you're interested let me know.
    Builds will be provided with source code, of course, in case anyone feels like jumping in.

    • mariano gaston
      mariano gaston

      I want to help testing.
      at the moment i have the program running in linux box FC4 in a cyber-cafe.

    • Jon Todaro
      Jon Todaro

      Uhh.. gastonmariano, that's a little bit unethnical IMHO. I cant possibly see what ethnical purpose you would need to sniff others MSN conversations for.


      • Jon Todaro
        Jon Todaro

        Let me correct myself.. Unethical and Ethical. I dont think there is anything ethnical about it :)