Lycos-Europe Selects IlohaMail

Lycos-Europe's hosting branch, operating in 7 countries and serving some 3 million customers and users, will begin distributing IlohaMail to hosting customers through its "1Click!" auto-installation service. The service currently offers 20 GPL'd scripts, and IlohaMail will be one of 20 new scripts to be added to the service at the end of this month. "We are very enthusiastic to adapt Ilohamail in the OneclickSite for this new release" says Sebastien Fiquemont, a staff member working on 1Click!, and notes that "This script seems to work well on our [Linux] platform".

In related news, Kagoya Inc of Kyoto, Japan, will also begin offering IlohaMail to customers through a similar service, called "Easy CGI". Kagoya purportedly operates over a thousand servers.


Posted by Ryo Chijiiwa 2005-01-07