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IlohaMail 0.8.6-Devel Released!

A development version of the next major update to IlohaMail has been released. Changes in this version include, a new look and feel with partial theme support, a bookmarks feature, a calendar/scheduler feature, improved navigation in the message viewing screen, experimental GPG/PGP support, major folder-list enhancements, support for multiple sender identities, IMAP result caching, authenticated SMTP support, improved character set handlers, improved Cyrillic support and Russian translations, Galician translations, over a dozen new user configurable options, and numerous other minor features and enhancements. The code structure has also been re-organized with the addition of new database, data management, and cache abstraction classes.

Project homepage: http://ilohamail.org
Project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ilohamail
Download Tarball: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/ilohamail/IlohaMail-0.8.6-devel.tar.gz?download
Download RPM:

Posted by Ryo Chijiiwa 2003-03-17