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New Binary and Source Release

We have released a new source bundle and two slightly different compiled (binary) packages. The full package contains everything to run the program. The core package contains only the files of eikonMagikos not the (though needed) library jars.

Posted by Felix Gieseke 2004-05-04

First source release

You can now download the 1.0_beta state as source bundle. See release notes for instructions how to compile and execute. And the download locations of requiered third-party packages in paticular.

Posted by Felix Gieseke 2004-04-22

New Project Home Page

Our new project homepage can be found via clicking on the link on the project summary page or by visiting this link: http://wwwmath1.uni-muenster.de:8018/export/GroupJiang/teaching/ws03/projektseminarWS03/index.html

Posted by Felix Gieseke 2004-04-21