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#1631 Can't get change-x-forwarded-for{add} to work with Privoxy forwarding to Squid


Hi all,

I've got a bit of an issue with Privoxy forwarding to a parent proxy that I require to pass the originating IP to for tracking purposes.

I've modified the rules to add "change-x-forwarded-for{add}" in the user.action file, and this didn't work (I see on the Squid parent that Privoxy forwards to).

At that point I went through all the config files in the privoxy config folder and modified all the instances of change-x-forwarded-for{block} to {add}.

Still no joy.

I've turned up the debug levels so I can see the original requests in the Privoxy log file and have double checked the originating IP address is coming through correctly.

What am I missing to get this to work?

I can't turn this parent arrangement around the other way unfortunately, as I have a section of the network going straight to Privoxy, and another section going straight to Squid to bypass Privoxy, but I am required to log all outgoing HTTP traffic (at the Squid level).


  • Fabian Keil
    Fabian Keil

    Please clarify where you see " on the Squid parent".

    Please also provide a log excerpt as documented at:

    With the recommended "debug 8", the log should show whether or not Privoxy adds the header and which IP address is being forwarded.

  • Vinnie-NZ

    Increasing the debug level showed me that it was in fact being added - the issue was within Squid and not within Privoxy.

    Sorted now, sorry for the initial report.

  • Fabian Keil
    Fabian Keil

    No problem. Thanks for the confirmation that it works as expected.