#1585 Uni Network - route all traffic through auth proxy

Fabian Keil
Andreas Lutz

Hi everybody,

the problem I'm facing is that I'm in a university network and everything here works with a proxy. If you setup the proxy connection over IE it should work fine for all apps, but it doesn't. Not all apps use these settings.

So I need an app with which I can route the whole traffic of my laptop system wide through a proxy. On many sites Privoxy is recommended for this.

But I've looked at the app quite a lot and also in the documentary, but it is so huuuuuge that you cannot really get into it - so you might help me.

So what I wanted to set this system wide proxy (URL:PORT) with username and password - that's it! I have no need in extra config and so on, That's all I want!

I would be very grateful if anybody could help me in this situation! :)

Thanks in advance and have a great day!


  • Fabian Keil
    Fabian Keil

    Privoxy currently has not dedicated proxy authentication support.

    It can be configured to allow the client to pass authentication data through Privoxy:
    but this requires proxy authentication support in the client and thus won't work for all applications.

    You could chain Privoxy together with another proxy that deals with the authentication, but if you aren't interested in other Privoxy features it might make more sense not to use Privoxy at all.

  • Fabian Keil
    Fabian Keil

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