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ken wood

I know that the Privoxy 3.0.21 product is used mostly on Linux and developed there, too. That said, there are a lot of Win 8 potential users. I am one of them.
The install information is not too helpful.
I do not know if Win 8 is supported.
I am unable to get the Privoxy Service to start- error is 1067 which in Win 8 land could be anything. The service has been created but not started- Manual start does not work. Error is that Privoxy cannot bind to possible some other program using port. I have configured Firefox proxy setting as advised: HTTP and SSL port 8118
I have created rules in Win 8 Firewall that opens port 8118 to Privoxy.exe. Using NMAP I scanned localhost and port 8118 is being used by Privoxy. Errosr is 1067. In services I assigned the admin as user. Still no joy!
Hardware is 64bit running Win 8.1 (preview)


  • ken wood
    ken wood

    Well now, looks like Privoxy decided it is running as the URL to config page now works. I didn't change anything. It may be that Win 8 just doesn't want to give real feedback.
    BTW: I was able to installed and start Privoxy in minutes on my Raspberry Pi.
    All is well.

  • ken wood
    ken wood

    I think this is a manifestation of the "100% CPU" problem. What
    happens is some site has massive amounts of whitespace in their
    HTML that you don't ultimately see, but Privoxy spends a lot of
    time trying to filter it all. The interim solution is to keep
    Privoxy from filtering that particular site in the user.action
    file. Of course, once Privoxy starts spinning, it'll need to be
    killed and restarted.

    The problem is in the js-annoyances and the unsolicited-popups
    filters. If you turn those off in general (or for your problem
    site(s) in particular) I think you'll have better luck. Can you
    please give that a try?

  • ken wood
    ken wood

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