#1463 Browsing using privoxy urls often time out.

Fabian Keil
Michael Green


I'm using privoxy for adbocking for Chromium (15.0.874.106) and I'm finding while browsing that I am often experiencing timeouts when clicking on urls or often just extremely long loading times while it appears to be waiting on a response. When browsing without privoxy I do not appear to have the same issues. Is there anything I can do about this? What is the cause?


  • Fabian Keil
    Fabian Keil

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  • Fabian Keil
    Fabian Keil

    This could be the result of one of several bugs that have been fixed in more recent Privoxy versions.

    Quoting the the ChangeLog for 3.0.17: "Fixed last-chunk-detection for responses where the body was small enough to be read with the headers, causing Privoxy to wait for the end of the content until the server closed the connection or the request timed out. Reported by "Karsten" in #3028326."

    Without a log file I can only guess, though. Creating a meaningful log file is described at:

  • I'm on Privoxy 3.0.19 and I also experience severe timeouts but ONLY in Chrome (using latest version 21.0.1180.89 m), and only when Google Mail and news are open. I think it has to do with the comet mechanism that keeps too many lingering connections. When I close Chrome, there are lots of "connection closed" log entries in Privoxy. But I don't think it's Privoxy issue, because while Chrome is blocked, I can fire up Firefox and it works just fine with the same privoxy instance while in Chrome I can't open any URL.

  • @fabiankeil, if only you could provide a compiled 3.0.20 snapshot binary, I'll be glad to try it out. But I can't compile it myself.