Project Plan (April 2002)

Project Plan

- add privoxy|submit to documentation (contact.sgml)
- add rpm start behaviour to documentation
(given the linuxconf/chckconfig issue)

3) Call on packagers to build 2.9.14 packages (along with note to
please see and adhere to new release process in devel manual)

Now parallel:

4a) When the packages are available for download, invite the users
mailing list for the testdrive run 1.

5a) (optional) Write PHP script for semi-automated *processing* of
feedback log to faciliate next step:

6a) When testdrive run 1 is over, some people evaluate feedback and
based on that, come up with:

- smart REs in master copy that preserves motivation for including
them, so that they can later be semi-automatically verified

- classification which features have proven to be how destructive
and in which vatiant of the actionsfile to include them

7a) Make new actionsfile available on Website; call for testdrive
run 2

8a) Repeat 6a)

Other branch:

4b) Fix all issues that need to get done before 3.0 (see trackers)

Join branches:

9) Put actionsfile(s) from 8a) into CVS

10) Repeat 1) to 3), but this time tag THREE.ZERO!

- agree on features within .actions and further comment them
inside the file (currently, one huge default with
numerous + and - of which at least I have lost control.
we need someone to set the default and describe the default
within the file.

11) CVS branch to 3.0 and 3.1/3.2

Posted by Stefan Waldherr 2002-04-21