#538 Allow setting a config file when installing as a service

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I would like to suggest the following small change. When installing Privoxy as a Windows service, the name of a config file could be given as an option. eg: privoxy --install:Proxy1 custom-config.txt, creating a service with a command line similar to this: "C:\Program Files\Privoxy\privoxy.exe" --service custom-config.txt. Right now, the config file issued is not preserved, so only one proxy can be run in the background at a time because it can only use the default configuration file config.txt. I have managed to replicate what I am requesting by issuing the command: sc config Proxy1 binpath= "C:\Program Files\Privoxy\privoxy.exe --service custom-config.txt", but I think it would be nice if it was supported by default. Thank you very much, and have a nice day.


  • Fabian Keil
    Fabian Keil

    Thanks for the suggestions, I wasn't aware of this limitation.

    However I also never understood why Privoxy would need the --(un)install options anyway.

    While I'm not familiar with services on Windows, I'd expect there to be a application-independent way to do it (maybe the "sc" tool you used?) and if there is, it would make more sense to me to use that instead and remove the --(un)install options all together.