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  • Arius Vistoon
    Arius Vistoon


    before my question, i need to say you my feeling about iipimage : That's a great job, it's a fantastic and great software !!!!
    I 'm creating a free online game and before i knew your software i 've imagined a lot of of complex algorythm to run map (because of the problem of size->weigth of the image). So, thanks you.

    My question is :
    as you crreate multi-client, do have plan to create jquery client ?
    i say that because mootool and jquery are in conflict code and as i use more jquery than mootool (only your software), i say perharps you can create a jquery client as you create mootool and java client.

    • Arius Vistoon
      Arius Vistoon

      i find a solution. the librairie jquery have an intern function call "noconflict", it seems work fine, i can use both librairies mootool and jquery (but the weight of the page is increase)

    • Ruven

      We have no plans to create a jquery client at this time. There is a prototype port of the original Mootools client if that is of interest to you.



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