[iipmooviewer 1.1] Feature request zoom ...

  • Fadetodeath

    iipmooviewer is very fine but I need to zoom in a little more (sometimes 20:1
    pixel ratio (I know, this is huge but I need it)). But when I zoom in, I am
    stuck at 1:1 ratio. Is there anyway to change this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Ruven

    There's no way to do this in the current iipmooviewer. I may add the ability
    to go to 2x in the next release, but 20x will just give you massive

    An alternative way to do this would be to scale up your TIFF image first to
    20x the original size and use iipmooviewer to view that. This would also give
    you better quality upscaling than would be possible by doing this in the

  • Fadetodeath

    I know about the pixelization but it's a feature I would like for some reason
    (low contraste detail that you can't see easily). I can't scale the tif image
    to x20 because they are already massive (70kx70k pixels).

    The workaroud I have found is to use the Firefox zoom feature but it restart
    the viewer and mess it up.

    Thank you anyway for your program. If you add the 2x zoom, I guess I could do
    something to make it x20.


  • Fadetodeath

    I tried to zoomify my original picture. The resulting TIF is 13GB big and the
    server can't work with it. Here is the log:

    IIPImage Server. Version 0.9.8
    Ruven Pillay ruven@users.sourceforge.net

    Verbosity level set to 6
    Running in FCGI mode

    Setting maximum image cache size to 1000MB
    Setting filesystem prefix to ''
    Setting default JPEG quality to 95
    Setting maximum CVT size to 10000
    Setting 3D file sequence name pattern to 'pyr'
    Setting default decoded quality layers (for supported file formats) to 1

    Initialisation Complete.
    CVT maximum viewport size set to 10000
    Full Request is FIF=/home/pvs/BIG.tif&obj=IIP,1.0&obj=Max-size&obj=Tile-
    : Command / Argument is FIF : /home/pvs/BIG.tif
    FIF handler reached
    FIF :: URL decoding/filtering: /home/pvs/BIG.tif => /home/pvs/BIG.tif
    FIF :: prefix: pattern: pyr
    FIF :: Image cache initialisation
    FIF :: TIFF image requested
    FIF :: Created image
    tiff open failed for: /home/pvs/BIG.tif

    Content-type: application/vnd.netfpx

    Error/7:1 3 FIF

    Total Request Time: 527 microseconds
    image closed and deleted
    Server count is 1

    Big.tif is about 200k x 20k pixels. And it'a tiny one :)

  • Ruven

    The TIFF standard doesn't allow for TIFF files greater than 4GB. But, the
    latest libtiff beta supports BigTIFF which does. Are you using libtiff 4? I
    haven't yet had a chance to test on super-massive TIFF images myself, but in
    theory, iipsrv should work as normal if you compile with this.

  • Fadetodeath

    Well, I didn't heard about this bigtiff library. As soon I have time, I will
    try to find it and compile iipsrv with it.

    Thank you :)

  • Ruven

    The bigtiff stuff is now merged into the main libtiff library. The version 4
    betas available should work fine.



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