Error - can't find file?

  • Slavek Kabrda
    Slavek Kabrda

    I've installed your server and I'm having a problem. I've written the test page with <a href="">Link</a> but the server says "Error/7:1 3 FIF". In log, I found this:

    CVT maximum viewport size set to 3000
    Full Request is FIF=/test.tif&CVT=JPEG
    [1/2]: Command / Argument is FIF : /test.tif
    /test.tif_pyr_ is neither a file or part of an image sequence

    (I'm using the test file from your page, I just renamed it.)

    I don't know why the server searches for file with suffix "pyr", but removing it from httpd.conf didn't help at all...
    My virtual host directory (from which the server runs index.html) is in /var/www, the directory with iipsrv.fcgi is /usr/local/httpd/fcgi-bin. I suppose I have to place the image into /var/www, but I've also tried placing it in every location you could think of... I've set the rights for directory and the image to 777, so this clearly isn't the problem. I'm running on Ubuntu 8.04, if that helps. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


    • Slavek Kabrda
      Slavek Kabrda

      OMG I'm soooo stupid :D

      "The FIF=image command specifies the absolute path..."

      Ok, next time, I'm gonna read really carefully :)

      • Ruven

        Yes,it's the absolute path that should be given. Which means that your images do not need to be in the webserver htdocs directory or be accessible from outside if you don't wish them to be.



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