How does IIPZoom overview work?

  • Hello,

    I'm kind of new using iipImage-server and all that JPEG2000 stuff, and I have
    a problem.
    While setting up an iipimage-server was pretty simple, I now have some
    troubles with IIPZoom overview feature. When I ask for a JPEG2000 file, when I
    toggle the overview feature on the scale of the overview is not correct. In
    fact the background of the overview is bigger than the space occupied by the
    overview selection rectangle. (see screenshot)

    When I ask for a TIFF file, there is no problem with the overview...

    Is there something missing in my JPEG2000 file or is there a configuration
    typo on the IIPImage-server ?
    Thank you.

  • Ruven

    This was due to with CVT resizing issues with JPEG2000. These are now fixed in
    the latest SVN trunk.



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