Optimizing bin-environment settings

  • Gerry James
    Gerry James

    Firstly I would like to say nice job with this image server. I have done a
    little testing comparing IIPImage using the Zoomify call with a single
    JPEG2000 image against a MapServer WMS using tiled tiffs covering the same
    area and the performance comparison is remarkable... Way to go.

    On another note I was just wondering if there was any other info available to
    help me with the bin-environment settings to ensure maximum performance for a
    given jp2k file. Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


  • Ruven

    Thanks! Glad you like it! :-)

    If performance is your priority, I would use IIPImage with tiled TIFF rather
    than JPEG2000 as JPEG2000 decoding remains far slower than for TIFF. In terms
    of the environment settings for IIPImage, there are 2 things you could play
    around with. First of all there is the cache size, which is always a good idea
    to increase depending on your available RAM. Then there is the number of
    parallel fcgi processes, which you could increase depending on the number of
    CPU's you have. Though, as than the caches are per process, I wouldn't use too

    However, if you are using JPEG2000, a far bigger difference can be made in
    choosing good encoding options. You can see some example options on the
    oldmapsonline jpeg2000 site.

    Other good ways to increase performance is via the use of a proxy cache in
    front of your web server. For the IIPImage demos, I have varnish running in
    front, which has worked extremely well for us. Indeed, I've been meaning to
    write up a page on performance tuning for the website. When I have time, I
    will try to do this.



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