iipmooviewer slow zoomIn/zoomOut

  • grimfromghent

    Hi there,

    The IIPMooviewer now only supports what the iipserver supports: use the available
    resolutions in a pyramid tiff or jpeg2000 as zoomlevels. But this creates
    hard transitions.

    E.G. 1000x1000 => 500x500 => 250x250 (zoomOut)

    It would be nice if it supported slower transitions. This does not necessarily involve
    adaptions to the iipserver (I should not change anything in server). You can
    download a resolution once, and then adapt the width-height of the img-tag.
    This way you can also delay the download of a particular resolution: if one zooms in, you enlarge width and height of the current images (blurred images), and wait for the new images to download. If I remember correctly, the flash zoomer works this way?

    Ok, then there's the question of the transition-speed.

    Would this be possible?

    Thanks in advance

  • Ruven

    Yes, this should be possible and I intend to include this kind of functionality in a future release of the viewer.



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