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Diff of /iipsrv/trunk/src/ [r80] .. [r81] Maximize Restore

  Switch to side-by-side view

--- a/iipsrv/trunk/src/
+++ b/iipsrv/trunk/src/
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@
       int n = i + (j*ntlx);
       // Get our tile using our tile manager
-      TileManager tilemanager( session->tileCache, *session->image, session->jpeg, session->logfile, session->loglevel );
+      TileManager tilemanager( session->tileCache, *session->image, session->watermark, session->jpeg, session->logfile, session->loglevel );
       RawTile rawtile = tilemanager.getTile( resolution, n, session->view->xangle,
 					     session->view->yangle, session->view->layers, JPEG );