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Sources moved to SVN

Project sources have been moved to SVN. The new download/build script can be downloaded from http://ihexds.nist.gov/XdsDocs/opensource/svn_src_install.sh

Posted by Bill Majurski 2008-12-10

New Release (March 2008)

New release which includes XDS.a and XDS.b components is available. See http://ihexds.nist.gov/XdsDocs/opensource. See the install.html or
install.pdf files for details.

Posted by Bill Majurski 2008-04-03

Database schemas added

Database schemas for registry, adt, and logs database have been added to the xdsRegistryMisc package in the Files section.

Posted by Bill Majurski 2006-07-28

New Release

We have posted a new binary release of xdsServer.

Posted by Bill Majurski 2006-03-27

ADT Listener Added to Files Section

Just a quick word to let everyone know that the ADT Listener has been uploaded to the files section. This is a very simple utility that listens for incoming ADT A04 HL7 messages. It parses out the patient ID and patient name, and places that information into the database that will be checked by the XDS registry when verifying valid patient IDs.

The adtListener.tar.gz file contains both executable files and source code.... read more

Posted by Andrew McCaffrey 2005-07-20