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The Ignition Project / News: Recent posts

ignitionServer 0.3.6-P1 released

We have released a security update, version 0.3.6-P1, to ignitionServer, an open source IRCX server. This update is highly recommended for all current users of ignitionServer 0.3.6 (users using a testing version of 0.3.7 are already protected from the security issues). There is no new functionality in this release. This update
can be downloaded on our download page <>.... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2005-05-16

Now signing all setups

We're digitally signing all setup EXEs now (and will eventually sign every package). Please, if at all possible on your system, verify the PGP signatures and MD5SUMs on all setup files you download from here, to ensure that the binary is the correct file and that it hasn't been tampered with.

My PGP keys can be downloaded from the MIT PGP Key Server (I have two keys on there -- "Keith Gable" is the name I used), the SourceForge File Release System (, and from my user profile at read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2005-04-14

ignitionServer 0.3.6a Released

We have released a very minor update to ignitionServer, an open source IRCX server. This update fixes a small (but fatal) configuration error in the default configuration and is intended for new users and users who did not pick up on the problem and fix it. If you currently have ignitionServer 0.3.6 running successfully, you do NOT need this update. If you have unsuccessfully tried to run ignitionServer 0.3.6, ignitionServer 0.3.6a should fix this problem. The binaries provided are the same that is in 0.3.6; I've only fixed the configuration error (so the server will report it is 0.3.6, and not 0.3.6a). Again, if you've been able to successfully install ignitionServer 0.3.6, this update is not necessary.... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2005-04-11

ignitionServer 0.3.6 Released

The Ignition Project, makers of ignitionServer, an open source IRCX server, are pleased to announce the avaliability of the sixth beta version, ignitionServer 0.3.6. There are no major changes in this release, but there is a new feature and many bug fixes. The new feature included in ignitionServer is verbose logging. A server administrator can make ignitionServer log channel conversations, channel whispers, and private messages, or any combination of those (however, they do this at their own legal risk). The bugfixes were mainly just annoying bugs that made people mad at 0.3.5. All users should upgrade as soon as possible.... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-12-07

Development Heating Up

Development was at a standstill for several weeks. Now, it's heating up. Which is very cool :). In fact, so cool that I think 0.3.6 will be the last beta (assuming I get everything I want done done). I might have 0.3.7 or 0.3.8 if I don't get done with some things, but basically, we're almost through. :)

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-10-16

ignitionServices 0.1.1 Released

The Ignition Project, makers of open source collaboration solutions such as ignitionServer, an IRCX server, and ignitionServices, an IRC services suite, has just released an update to ignitionServices. ignitionServices 0.1.1 doesn't have any new features but is mainly a bugfix release. It now supports ignitionServer 0.3.5. Other bugs were also fixed, such as the bug that would occasionally crash ignitionServices when the server throttles traffic. We recommend all users upgrade to the latest version for optimum stability and performance (and to work with ignitionServer 0.3.5).

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-10-11

ignitionServer 0.3.5 Released

ignitionServer, an open source IRCX server for Windows, has just released version 0.3.5 of ignitionServer. There are several security fixes in this release, as well as fixes for other issues. There are also several new features, such as static channels, bounce lines, LISTX flags (now you can search for channels!), and channel creation settings. There's a bunch more; read the release notes for a full list. In this release, we've also reverted back to using C: and N: lines instead of L: lines, for compatibility reasons. L: lines are no longer loaded, and therefore will not work.... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-10-10

Sorry for lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, we're working as hard as we can to get the new site up! And, let me tell you, you won't be disappointed :). The new site will focus on community development, instead of our current "we develop, you use" kind of development.

When we get a non-crappy layout up, we'll open it up to the public, and add the content at the same time. Currently, I have two people working on layouts for us. Inevitably, I'll have to tell one of them that I can't use their layout (you can't have two layouts at the same time -- I have to use only one or the other), which won't be very fun, but it's good news for everyone else (in that the layout will be done, not that I had to tell someone their layout wasn't as good as the other guy's).... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-09-22

Site Status

Well, the site's up and running for the most part. I need to resolve some DNS issues with iNeedHosting, but besides that, everything is back up and running. Except, there's no content.

Why, you ask? Well, I'm probably going to switch to a type of community content management system. It's the one currently in use by It's CivicSpace. I've always hated *Nuke, but I really like CivicSpace. It's a content manager, yes, but it's very different. It's centered around communities and groups. *Nuke is more of a "here's my content, have a ncie day" approach. And, yes, I fully intend on probably making a few modules for it, since there's no way on earth that CivicSpace does _everything_ that I need right out of the box (if it does, I'll be really amazed). The main issue at hand would be installing it on SourceForge. Shouldn't be *too* hard.

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-09-15

Site (almost) Back Up!

We're in the process of setting up our hosting on SourceForge. And, DNS will take a little while to propragrate. So, the site *will* be back up soon. Just don't know for sure when. We have to redesign it, ya know? :P

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-09-04

Our site is down.

4:30 PM yesterday, CST. I just posted a link to a blog I made about some stuff I'd like to see in GNOME. I had posted it to - #distro-project. Then, I get disconnected from my psyBNC. Expecting that something had gone berzerk, I tried reconnecting. Nothing. WWW? Nothing. E-Mail? Nothing. Ping? Nothing.

Maybe SFFR just restarted the server. I waited 10 minutes (more than enough for it to power back up). Nothing. Asked him, and he said he didn't know. About this time, I'm beginning to expect a terrorist bombing. Surely, that's got to be it -- someone drove a plane into the datacenter. I know Ben paid the bill, and I know Ben's host (SuffixHost) paid the bill. What could it be?... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-08-31

ignitionServer 0.3.4 Released

Well, it's been another 3 weeks, and it's another release of ignitionServer! This version supports IRCX +d/+e (room cloning) and IRCX +x (auditorium). Complete instructions for it are in the release notes, which you can read by going to Start > (All) Programs > ignitionServer > Release Notes. It also covers a slight issue with /CREATE (it has been corrected in 0.3.5-cvs).

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-08-17

ignitionServer 0.3.3 Released

ignitionServer 0.3.3 has been released. As expected, many bugs have been fixed, and we've added several features. The most important addition in this release is IRCX DATA, REQUEST, and REPLY. These commands are used by a few IRCX clients to transmit/receive/request specific data. Microsoft Chat uses these commands for comic character stuff. In addition to this, client properties have been added. You can now view some info about yourself (but not others), like your GUID (a nifty piece of information that we use in the hash tables). We've also fixed that very annoying bug that prevented you from using wildcards with /list. In the process, we did change how channels are handled slightly. Now, you can't create channels with * or ? in the name. These are wildcards, and it wouldn't make sense to make them legal :). Aside from that, there's nothing else major changed. I recommend everyone upgrade, but you don't need to get up and do it right this second.... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-07-25

ignitionLite First Commit

Well, I've just done the first ignitionLite commit! Go me :) Anyways, don't expect a working version for at least a couple months. And even then, consider it somewhere between unusable and alpha. But the idea is that we're getting _somewhere_ :P

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-07-14

ignitionServer 0.3.2 Released

You've been waiting, and it's finally here! ignitionServer 0.3.2 has been released! This version fixes at least 20 known bugs, and adds a bunch of features that were not present in 0.3.1. The best of the new features include Auto VHost (which automatically gives your IRC Operators a VHost if they have one), IRCX WHISPER (which lets you talk to other users privately within a channel), and IRCX knock/+u (which lets you know when people try to join and can't). In addition to those new features and the bugfixes, several security bugs were fixed, including a rather nasty one that let users remotely raise the number of links. And, of course, the link password isn't verified bug that called for 0.3.1-P1.... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-07-03

Bug Fixed!

Everybody needs to upgrade to 0.3.1-P1, because ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS had this bug. You can find this file in our file release system. Upgrade like you would a new release.

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-06-09

Security Bug!

Somehow, when I fixed I: line passwords in 0.3.1, I also broke link passwords. This means that if you have an L: line (even one for services), anyone who knows what hostname that the L: line is (you can get it from a /links reply) can link a server up to your server, because password verification DOES NOT HAPPEN. This could allow anyone to kill clients, or to introduce things into the server environment that could crash the server. I'm not really aware of all the implications, since linking isn't working right as it is.... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-06-09

ignitionServer 0.3.1 Released!

Finally, after almost 2 months of development, ignitionServer 0.3.1 (an open source IRCX server for Windows) has been released! This is the first beta version of our software, and we hope to get much more done in the next several versions. Most IRCX stuff is supported now, and RFC 1459 clients are now properly supported. Also, about 20 bugs were fixed. We also added several new X: lines. You can get a better list of the fixed and changed stuff by viewing the release notes. The installer is also refined, and some things have been moved around, so you need to make sure you uninstall all previous versions. You can download ignitionServer 0.3.1 in our File Release System.

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-06-07

Back In Business

Well... if you're subscribed to the mailing list, you probably got freaked out by CVS commits. Yes, that's right. We're back in movement! Expect a release in a week or two.

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-05-29

SVN is...

...nearly ready. Just thought I'd keep you up to date. :)

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-05-11

SVN status

SVN is being updated and afterwards it will be tested. We will give notice whenever it's usable by the public again. If, for some reason, you do access SVN before that time, we highly suggest NOT downloading any source from it as it may be corrupted, missing, etc. Thank you for your patience during these upgrades.

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-04-25

SVN is down!

We've taken down our Subversion repository until further notice for improvements. These improvements will only take a week to get added, but we're waiting until the next version of SVN comes out to do them (it's pretty stupid to change it, then update it, then change it again). Please bear with us during this time :)

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-04-14

Community Help Requested

Okay. We're getting to that time in development when everything needs to be cleaned up and made pure. In order to do this, we have to pick out the "weeds". There are so many lines of code that I have to go through to pick these "weeds" out, and it's very time-consuming. Here's what I'd like to see somebody do:

1) Look around at the source (
2) Look for places where I am going <> "" or = "", as seen in this example:... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-04-06

ignitionServer 0.2.3 (Beta Release Canidate 3) Released

ignitionServer, an IRCX server for Windows, has reached a rather mature state of development. We're pretty sure this version of ignitionServer is our last in the "Beta Release Canidate" branch. Some of the things you can expect in this version are: 1) Pings and Pongs, 2) Access Durations, 3) Gagging (+z), 4) HiProtect/LowProtect operators, and more!

We've also included ignitionServer PassCrypt for encrypting your IRC operator passwords (and a standalone version so they don't have to install the full server). Services, the new monitor, and probably remote admin are due in some form for the beta release. We hope you enjoy this release :)... read more

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-03-31

[Update] ignitionServices

I haven't yet gotten the source uploaded to SVN (I probably won't get to it anytime soon), but I have finished NickServ! You can register nicknames, add aliases, and a lot of other neat stuff. The server knows if you're registered or not, and gives you a special raw if you are. ignitionServices 0.1.0 should come out around the beta branch (0.3.x) of ignitionServer, but I could be wrong...

Posted by Keith Gable 2004-03-20