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IgniteCVS works great

Ignite CVS is working great; we can now stop working on development tools, such as this, and focus on Ignite itself again

Posted by Ricardo Terra 2005-05-01

Developement resumed

After over two moths without any activity, we are back. I am refactorying the CVS developer interface and it is nearly ready.
Once it is done we will be able to get back to working on Ignite itself instead of on development tools.

Posted by Ricardo Terra 2005-03-23

IgniteCVS almost done

We have written most of the code related to automatically handling cvs commits, upodates, etc... for the Ignite project. However, there are some messages (methods) that need to be refactoring and/or dont seem to be working as expected.
We have been testing the interface, which means some files have been sent to CVS, but they should not be dowloaded yet, as the documentation and some os the smalltalk files are outdated... check back soon!

Posted by Ricardo Terra 2005-01-09