ifp-180 not working on Ubuntu

  • jrybon

    I am new to linux and could use some help with this application. Ifpgui installed ok, and automatically pulled in the required libraries (i think).  When I run it and plug in my iriver I get a message saying that the computer could not communicate with the device.  It suggests unplugging, powering down the iriver, replugging, repowering the device, and refreshing the root '\' directory.  Immediately after acknowleging that message I get another saying it "could not get listing for ifp:///".  Replugging the device initiates Rhythmbox, so something is connecting.  Refreshing the root directory gives me the same message.  Any ideas? -John

    • Jim Campbell
      Jim Campbell

      The ifp-driver mailing list might be helpful.


      Other than that it seems that you might be experiencing a conflict with Rhythmbox.  This is the procedure I use.
      1) ifp-gui is NOT open and the ifp device is NOT plugged in.
      2) plug in ifp device.
      3) wait 10-15 seconds
      4) start ifp-gui

      If anything happens in between the steps; like Rhythmbox opening, then close it and wait a few (5-10) seconds before proceeding.

      I didn't write the driver, just the gui.  I am still learning myself.
      Please try the mailing list sometimes others have experienced the same problem.


    • Ok. Thanks.
      I uninstalled rhythmbox, just to be sure, but it didnt help any.
      I will try the mailing list.
      Thanks again. -John