#59 Need to use USB mic input and internal sound card output

v1.0 (example)

After many hours of work, I've finally got nearly everything working..
All I need now is to be allowed to use not my sound cards microphone plug, but my USB condenser mic..
This has also taken hours of searching, with no help anywhere, and apparently noone else has this problem, or maybe just no need for it..


  • There is a program called qjackctl that provides a GUI for setting up JACK. Select your input and output "soundcards" in there for point and click configuration.

  • Hugo G.
    Hugo G.

    After you've configured jack to use a certain sound card, you can later add other cards as inputs/outputs using the alsa_in and alsa_out commands.

    My use case is:
    1) configure the jack server with USB outputs and inputs
    2) add the onboard card as an additional interface

    but you can do it the other way around: configure jack for the onboard card, then add the USB mic as an input using alsa_in

    Here's some more info: