#33 IDJC Crashing web browser in Ubuntu11.10


First off, let me say thanks you for the console. I really enjoy using it.
I am now running into the problem of IDJC and Jack when running/streaming has been crashing my web browser (i use FF but I also tried chrome, and three other free browsers and they ALL crashed) when i go to the site i am broadcasting to... http://www.endeavoracademy.com/online-classes
I have removed and re-installed the flash plug-in and I still have luck getting it work. P.S. I see now that it is crashing my browser no matter what page I go to.

Has anyone else come across this bug?


  • IDJC uses JACK Audio Connection Kit which locks out standard ALSA sound sources from directly using the sound card. The Flash plugin may be doing the wrong thing when its audio is blocked like going off the rails.

    On my machine it just mutes and plays video and will reengage with the sound system after a page reload provided the JACK sound server is no longer running.

    IDJC does not directly engage in any way with web browsers.

  • The most likely source of the problem is in the site specific media player -- a flash application by the looks of it and in how it handles (or doesn't) the absence of an available sound card.


  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, That's good to know.

    I will search through JACK forums for a possible solution.

    Thanks for the response.