#58 idjcctrl fader automation

Daniel MacDonald

As far as I can tell, idjcctrl currently doesn't have the ability to automate the faders for the playlists and voip?

I'd like to be able to do something like:

idjcctrl --voipgain -20 0 1.5

To fade the voip from -20db to 0db over 1.5 seconds, and the same for the playlists.

As soon as we can script these two things in IDJC somehow, we should be able to do a good job of scheduling!



  • I have exposed most of the bindings onto DBus.

    Example usage. This sets VoIP gain to the mid way point. In the current implementation that's 0dB.
    dbus-send --print-reply --dest=net.sf.idjc.default /net/sf/idjc/controls net.sf.idjc.voip_set_gain uint32:64 boolean:false

    Protip: use qdbus to query the dbus interfaces of programs.

  • Excellent!

    I've not tried it out just yet but its great to hear this is possible now.

    Thanks v.much!

  • Are fades possible?

  • Fades can be done in script one value at a time. The idea that idjc can handle them doesn't make perfect sense since I could request two competing fades on the same widget lasting hundreds of seconds and no good way to cancel it.