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#57 more jingle FX slots

Daniel MacDonald

We've used pretty much all (24? I've not got access to IDJC as I write this so that may not be the exact number) of the effects slots on the new jingles tab.

It would be good if there were some arrows or some other control to switch between multiple 'pages' of effects banks to give access to more than 24 or so.


  • I knew 24 would not be enough and if I provided 1000 that some users would tell me they have more than 1000 total tracks.

  • So can we expect you'll add more jingle slots in the future or are you going to stick with 24?

  • Patchage screenshot

  • You can run another instance of idjc as a different profile. See attachment for how to connect them. This will give you another 24 effects slots.

  • I have added the ability to hide the background tracks player and the lower button row. See the screenshot for an idea how it looks.

    Ideally you would run several cheap 15 or 17 inch touch panel monitors with an idjc instance for the effects running fulll screen and the audio wired into the main instance.

  • Four instances open on one monitor

  • Hi Stephen!

    We've installed the latest git IDJC but we can't see how we are supposed to hide the baclground tracks player. I think you forgot the link to the screenshot, or your link didn't work.


  • In the View menu there is a toggle for background tracks. I tried both links and they worked.

  • Brian Millham
    Brian Millham

    I second the request for more effects buttons. The idea to have more than 1 instance of IDJC running doesn't work well for me, as I don't use the mouse much - I use the keyboard for everything except adding tracks.