IDJC 0.8.9 JACK ports documentation

  • Has it been documented anywhere what IDJC's various JACK ports are intended for?

    I've worked out most of them through trial and error but I'm still unsure on a few.


  • Specifically, I'm after documentation for the ports in 0.8.9 as the number of ports seemed to double after 0.8.8.

  • I'll take the week long silence as a no then.

    This really does need to be documented. Its central to the use of IDJC and users shouldn't need to work out whats what through trial and error or trying to read the code.

  • What is really needed is a block diagram of the audio system.

    I am going to have to disagree about it being central to use. It's set and forget for some but most users happy with the defaults. A few will be bothered by not knowing stuff.

    The long silence is a product of Sourceforge removing the e-mail alerts system.