Fade Out with 3 Seconds Silent

  • zoschel

    hi stephen,

    the fade out at the end of a time-based streams works great.

    In our Radio 6 people working with the IDJC, we use the radio automation
    airtime for 4 months.

    When the DJ his mission ends the disconnect with a fade out works, but
    if the new DJ is not timely comes to the stream repeats the buffer
    Icecast 2 - 3 seconds the last music.

    Can you fade out as the program 15 seconds, and after the 15 seconds
    then 3 seconds silence before disconect? Or you can leave it just coding
    that you can enter yourself the time and silence through a parameter?

    That would be great.

    THX Zoschel 71

  • You should configure auto-dj on the server with an initial three seconds of silence as the soundtrack.