Remote stream to IDJC

  • Christopher

    I don't have a linux server at my disposal so I haven't had a chance to check out the settings yet, but…

    I am a vinyl DJ and have been doing weekly radio shows via icecast/shoutcast for the last 3 years on a dedicated online radio station.  A local group has offered to start up a local-based online radio station, but they are not very savvy when it comes to streaming audio, which leaves me in charge of finding the best solution.

    The idea is that we will need a 24-7 application that will broadcast audio files from the server, but will also allow for external sources to connect to the application and stream from a remote location (i.e. broadcasting my radio show from hoome).  I noticed that IDJC has a "stream" option, but I didn't see much info on that.  How does the scheduling work (or does it?)  For example, if IDJC is playing a playlist of audio files and I wanted to connect using edcast, how would this work?

  • The idea is that we will need a 24-7 application that will broadcast audio files from the server.
    Why not put the audio files on the Shoutcast server as a default stream. Along comes an external connection and the default stream stops. This appears to be what you want.

    IDJC streams to the server. You want to stream to IDJC? Wrong wrong wrong.

    If you want another stream source off the server you can do so using the Shoutcast or Icecast web interface and a webrowser. IDJC also has a kick button that makes it really easy to capture the server.

  • Christopher

    Sorry, like I said, we haven't put anything into practice, I'm just trying to get an idea of the functionality.  My verbiage may have been a bit off.  Sorry about that.  We will likely host the shoutcast server and IDJC on the same server, which is a step I've been making automatically in my head. 

    I had imagined some kind of scheduler since I wasn't sure how shoutcast/icecast handled interrupting a local audio source with a remote audio source.  Do you have any more information on how this is handled?

  • You don't need IDJC for that.

    Shoutcast will happily stream a playlist all you need to do is specify the playlist in the Shoutcast config file and it will play the stream itself. When you have a new playlist you just upload that and restart Shoutcast. Icecast has similar functionality but if I remember correctly it doesn't reencode the audio (files are streamed out as they are in whatever format they are in) but that limitation means nothing since you can convert all audio files in the playlist using ffmpeg.

    Shoutcast will take care of interrupting its own stream when a remote connection comes along.

  • raffaele

    shoutcast has a calendar feature which allows you to play whatever music playlist and jingles at specified date/time and a rewrite option which allow you to do this "on the fly" (the calendare you define is being re-read if modified). Calendar is somewhat similar to cron and date/time are specified in the same way.
    moreover,  this allow you to schedule remote connection from IDJC at specified date/time