#28 Confused about playlist ports

Lampros Liontos

Probably going to be a d'uh moment for me, while I pretty much figured out what "pl_out" (left playlist), "pr_out" (right playlist), and "pj_out" (jingles) are, what's "pi_out"? Is there another playlist in the works?

Additionally, what are the "p*_in" entries for? Is some form of playlist track recording planned?


  • p*_in are for taking in the player audio. From reading one of your articles where you linked IDJC and Mixxx together you commented about IDJC not exposing individual player audio? These new inputs will take input from any JACK source so let that be Mixxx then you have the beat matching of Mixxx and VoIP and mic mix all of IDJC in one meta-application. IDJC will let you hide the main players and meters so IDJC can be shrunk to fit below Mixxx without window overlap.

    pi_out is for the interlude player. Something easy to miss but it just loops one of the jingles tracks continuously when the main players are idle.

    It's in the jingles window: click on a jingles track, click the mic and musical note button. Select Monitor Mix stream to listen. There is a volume slider to set the sound level. The idea is to talk over the music so half way is good. The interlude player fades in and out automatically with the starting and stopping of the main players.

    To see what's really planned for the user interface do a "git checkout feat/jingles" and build that. The interlude player goes from being a button to being unmissable though this is not for production use just yet as the new jingles interface is all show and no go.

  • Ahhh, nice. I am really liking the direction you're taking this tool!

    Thanks for the clarification.