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FreeBSD issues

We have made an fix which removes HostServ's misbehaviour under FreeBSD 4.5. You can find the patch in the 'Files' section.

Posted by Martin Scholl 2002-04-22


Wetter.mod is an eggdrop module. It queries and parses a html page. This page gets processed and results are stored into a list. Via command '!wetter [<city name>]' , '.wetter' in botnet as well as 'wetter' via bot privmgs this list can be accessed.

Note: 0.0.1 is a 'pre-release'. I expect a lot of bugs ( exspecially related with the parser code ).

P.S.: Drink more tabasco.

Posted by Martin Scholl 2002-01-13

HostServ supports Unreal IRCd

Finally the latest release adds Unreal IRCd support.

Have fun.

Posted by Martin Scholl 2002-01-08

HostServ 0.0.1

This is a development release. The intended audience are developers.

Posted by Martin Scholl 2002-01-02


As long as the manual for ProcServ is not ready development will be concentrated on HostServ. HostServ is combination of hybrid ircd module and a little service to provide vhosts in a very easy manner.
A first skeleton of HostServ has been commited to CVS repository 'hostserv'.

Posted by Martin Scholl 2002-01-01

CVS ProcServ supports Unreal

The latest cvs seems to be compatible with the latest Unreal IRCd.
Have fun :)

Posted by Martin Scholl 2001-12-28

ProcServ documentation

Work is being concentrated on creating a little manual for ProcServ. When its finished ProcServ 06 will be released.

Posted by Martin Scholl 2001-12-28

ProcServ 05.7

I hate the sourceforge release system.... HELP ME ! :)

Posted by Martin Scholl 2001-12-16