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First Software Release From The IDentity Project

The IDentity Project aims to create a single sign-on system that protects the user's right to privacy. After all, should people give up their freedom to Microsoft and/or the Liberty Alliance just to make using the internet a little more convenient?

This first release of software includes both server software, a client library with example programs, and 2 programs that use that library. The existing code continues to be improved with the latest versions available on the project CVS tree.... read more

Posted by Matt Ficken 2003-05-23

Screenshots page added

New page added to web site called'Screenshots'. It combines some important screenshots from the various programs to demonstrate how the system is used.

Posted by Matt Ficken 2003-04-12

Welcome New Member

new member, pablo0 (aka "Pablo") has joined the project.

Posted by Matt Ficken 2003-04-12

Major Additions To Specification

The specification has had a number of updates made on it. The two most important are the new "Ticket Delivery System" and "IDentity Proxy Servers".

The Ticket Delivery System expands the basic idea of the account owner sending an access ticket to the info requestor. Now, access tickets are sent by the account owner to the info requestor's ID on their ID server. This allows account owners to verify the ID that the info requestor gave. To keep the info requestor's ID Server from getting the access ticket, the access ticket is encrypted using a key supplied by the info requestor to the account owner when the info requestor makes their access request. Further, a decryption key can now be included with the ticket sent to the info requestor. This means that important data on the account can be encrypted with the ID server not being able to decrypt it because it doesn't have the key. The new system allows for verifying the ID of an info requestor and further protecting the data you keep on your ID server by encrypting it.... read more

Posted by Matt Ficken 2003-04-03

Server Code Published

Basic beginnings of an ID Server where published on the CVS Tree, today, March 22nd.

Posted by Matt Ficken 2003-03-23

Client Code Published

Beginnings of Perl and Python client libraries were published in the CVS tree on March 6th.

Posted by Matt Ficken 2003-03-23