IDEA 1.1 will be out later this week.

IDEA 1.1 is coming soon. There are a lot of new changes in 1.1, mostly under-the-hood type things. I have added the preliminary code for user authentication to the IDEA server, and implemented permissions checking on the server methods. I've also done a lot of re-organizing and cleaning up of the console and server code, so anyone who wants to help with the coding side of things should have an easier time of it now. The code is much more modular and extendable (still not perfect, but closer to it). I have put much effort into bug hunting and testing, so hopefully this next release will be bug-free. Also, for you Mac OS X users, there has (thankfully) been an update to the OS X JVM, so you should now be able to run IDEA. Run System Update to get this Java update.

Features not yet implemented but coming soon are:

- Better threading model for Alert parsing
- Date & time ranges in the QueryBuilder
- Ability to schedule Alerts for deletion from the database
- SettingsListener interface for notification to changes to the Settings class
- Oracle database support

Stay tuned. IDEA 1.1.0 should be out this week, 1.1.1 later this month or early April.

Posted by Ian Duffy 2003-03-19