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Design & Documentation

At this point of development, i am currently writting the design document of the program, stating the critical points of the development phase in .doc format (Microsoft Word) and the documentation of the program for the users in .chm format (Compiled HTML file). When done there will be a notification and the documentation will be uploaded here for users. The documentation will be given in parts to anyone that wants to participate in the development phase.... read more

Posted by Triantafillos - Alexander Koutr 2004-06-30

Progress Info

I took the V.90 protocol from ITU, but as i can see there is a whole chain of protocols to be implemented so i leave it for now. V.90 requires PCM modulation protocol and bunch of other protocols which i cannot afford right now.
Also i inquired information by International Telecommunications Union about the legality of this project using their protocols/recommendations, but i got no response.
Finally version 0.6 alpha is being developed as general design of the project is being completed.
More in the next days

Posted by Triantafillos - Alexander Koutr 2004-06-17

Uranium V. 0.6Alpha

Version 0.6 Alpha of the program will be released somewhere in july.

Currently the communication interface between the program and modem is in the phase of reconstruction because the previous one used apporximately 65% cpu in a Celeron 500 and needed 6-7 megabytes of ram, which are too many for only the communication.
The general design of options form is done, as features will be added, options for them will be added too both in program and in options file.
Some bugs are fixed and in the new version you will have complete control of the communications port (speed, parity, connection port etc.)
Also I started to raise money to buy the telecommunication protocols needed to complete the program from International Telecommunications Union (http://www.itu.int). Currently the E Series is needed and i'm trying hard to get those protocols.
Finally, developers are needed. So anyone who is interested please send an e-mail...... read more

Posted by Triantafillos - Alexander Koutr 2004-06-09