the setting would stay around if the chroot jail included /etc/localtime - that sounds like a local configuration error.

George Rhoten wrote:

I'm fixing some very simple code that stopped working when strftime was being used, and a chroot was executed. The strftime results would always fallback to UTC time.  The reason for this failure is that the time zone setting (/etc/localtime) on Linux doesn't stay around after a chroot operation. This type of issue isn't that uncommon with a chroot.  My solution was to switch the formatting over to ICU4C, which caches the time zone setting and rules.  This is a lot easier than trying to figure out how to keep it around for strftime.  In this case, the ICU caching behavior is much more desirable than the POSIX behavior.

I'd like to confirm that I can continue on depending on ICU4C caching the time zone setting and its data.  I'm making sure that ticket 3159 isn't planned for a resurrection.


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